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Title: Pengembangan miniatur mesin cetak 3D untuk komposit semen dan rumput payung
Authors: Dhani, Harsa
Redationo, Nereus Tugur
Keywords: Advance Manufacturing
Composite Printing
3D Printer
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: Universitas Katolik Widya Karya
Series/Report no.: Volume XXVI;No. 1
Abstract: Housing need in Indonesia increases every year in proportional with the housing price itself, caused by price increase in land and building material. One alternative solution for this problem is by utilizing local indigenous building material. By today technology advances, it is possible that composite material can be casted directly to be a three dimensional object with 3D printing technology. The whole printing equipment consists of a mixer, a screw pump and a 3D printer. On previous research, we have finished the mixer and the screw pump, while in this research we have finished the design of 3D printer which constituted from mechanical components, electrical components, and software. Machine structure is built from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), while linier motions in x, y and z directions are implemented by screw linkages; furthermore, screws are powered by stepper motor actuators. Next, the electronic components are designed with compatibility in mind, which composed of microcontroller arduino mega 2560, interface RAMPS 1.4, power supply, and HMI (Human Machine Interface). Finally, the other important consideration, software to change the CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) file into machining file, we use open source software ReplicatorG
ISSN: 0854-4948
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