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Title: Pengaruh Suhu Vacuum Drying Terhadap Sifat Fisiko Kimia Antosianin Ubi Jalar Ungu (Ipomoea Batatas Var. Ayamurasaki) Yang Dienkapsulasi Dengan Maltodekstrin
Authors: Alvin, Arnoldus
Yudiono, Kukuk
Susilowati, Sri
Keywords: Anthocyanin
Sweet Potatoes
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Katolik Widya Karya Malang
Abstract: The potential of Indonesian natural resources could make a fertile country with wide flora and fauna varieties. One of the food crops produced abundantly in Indonesia is sweet potato. Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) is an important food source and potential as food and industrial raw material. The extraction is a process of separation based on different solubility and extraction process has solvent as main ingredients. Antocyanin were extracted from purple sweet potato tissues using maceration method with ethanol 96%. The extracted antocyanin were then encapsulated using maltodextrin before drying in a vacuum dryer. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of vacuum drying temperature of on encapsulated anthocyanin extracts of purple sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas var. Ayamurasaki). Completely Randomized Design (CRD) was used as experimental design in this study and consisted of one factor namely vacuum drying temperature 400 , 500 and 600C. The research results showed that highest total anthocyanin content was obtained from sample dried at 400C (166 mg/g) with antioxidant activity of 24.00% and colour values brightness (L*) 62.43, redness (a*) 33.63 and yellowness (b*) 5.20, and moisture centent of 3.49%.
ISSN: 24771864
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