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Title: Pengaruh Varietas Dan Konsentrasi Cacl2 (Kalsium Klorida) Terhadap Sifat Fisik, Kimia Dan Organoleptik Chip Beku Ubi Jalar (Frozen Sweet Potato- Chip)
Authors: Yudiono, Kukuk
P, Deddy Novianto
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat Universitas Katolik Widya Karya Malang
Abstract: Frozen chips or French fries which are made from sweet potato are different in taste, texture, color, and flavor from those that are made from potato. Processing sweet potato into frozen sweet potazto chips aften affects the quality of final product. Foe example, enzymatic reaction causes browning process of the final product, and the texture of sweet potatoes are also softer and squashier thasn potatoes. The research attempts to overcome the flaws in processing sweet potatoes into frozen chips by using various variety of sweet potato and chloride calcium concentration CaCl2 (chloride calcium). Random Group Design (RAK) which consists of two factors is employed. The first factor is CaCl2 (chloride calcium) concentration (0.1%; 0.3%; and 0.5%), and the second factor is sweet potato varieties: Cangkuang, Sukuh, Solosa, and Supra. Each treatment was done three times. The observation includes the observation of water content, starch content, sugar reduction, texture and organoleptic of the taste, color and texture. Research shows that from 12 combinations of treatment in the frozen sweet potato-chip, the best treatment result is the combination of treatment (V1C3) with 0.5% CaCl2 concentration, and using sweet potato variety Sukuh, where the water content is 40.50%, the sugar reduction is 2.44%, the starch content is around 5.01%, the color is 4.08% (neutral), and the texture is 4.71 (neutral). The observation demonstrates that physical parameters and organoleptic taste have a significant effect on individual treatment and interaction; whereas chemical parameter has no significant effect both on individual treatmen and interaction.
ISSN: 08544948
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